In our business, when editing and producing, we aim to work closely with the agent and/or owner to ensure that the finished production best suits their vision for their property’s presentation and complete projects promptly to meet deadlines. Even though we are based in Inverell, travel is big part of what we do as we enjoy discovering new places and meeting people.


Looking for a quote?

In our work we a have filmed productions for a wide range of properties and businesses and pricing varies greatly from property to property. We have to consider the job specifications, for example:


Size of the property

Type of business

Topography and access

Filming locations (With UAV filming by law we are required to film in line of sight, this means we film from many locations to capture suitable imagery.)

Improvements to be featured

Water systems and storage

Business activities being undertaken during filming (Eg On farm machinery in use)

Homestead (Exterior and interior) and garden

Mapping –boundary representation and subdivision

Marketing plan for the property – it may be in one lot or several

Typical weather patterns at property location re suitable light and winds for filming

Time to meet with relevant persons and to scope out the property to plan our filming


We welcome the opportunity to discuss the proposed project and we can provide a quote promptly.

Residential Properties

Why not make your property stand out from the others. A combination of drone photography and stills in a video can really emphasise a properties stand out qualities. In seconds a potential buyer can gain a street view, aerial view, an idea of the town as well as to inside of the home.

Rural Properties

What better way to see the property then from the air? Buyers are able to see the range of land types, vegetation, water and facilities immediately with our produced promotional videos.

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