Get the WOW factor! Capture images from unique perspectives that engage the viewer. Proven strategy to substantially increase your profile.

Aerial Survey

Flying from 0 to 400 ft high quality imagery covers several kilometres. Identify boundaries, waterways, landscape, forestry and environmental factors.


Our technology enables you to view your property and farm activities like never before! An excellent management tool for property planning and so much more.

site inspection

Get high definition images where no other can go. Quick, accurate, affordable and safe. Enables off-site management by viewing remotely on-site progress.

Real Estate

Be it reseidential, rural or commercial realestate, clients love to see the property from all angles. What an amazing way to reach potential buyers.


Get an unique perspective on your wedding or special event with drone technology. Why not try us for your next festival, celebration, sporting or community event.


Produce a quality, unique personalised record using video and still images. Capture memories of special events and celebrations.

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