Agricultural Monitoring

Drones in Farming – wish I had this when I was on the land! As a farmer I would you drone applications for aerial inspections and observations, spotting stock/mustering, monitoring change, vermin, water run-off, building a record for property planning, checking germination and performance, weed control, monitoring water systems, locating leaks, inspecting high objects eg windmills, sheds, silos, property planning and progress records, flood damage, hail damage, crop inspection (weeds, pests), erosion and soil problems, remotely manage a rural property .

For a business that is often ‘time poor’ imagery can be available immediately by the internet. Through the drone imagery, you are able to view and area comprehensively that may normally take you 2 weeks to see.

Property planning


What’s in the future for drones in agriculture?

Satellite imagery vs UAV imagery

Yamaha weed control

Local Land Services John Lawson – project with Sydney Uni

UNE research

Agricultural Services

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