In our business, Aerial Dimensions, we use a combination UAV (drone) video and photography, ground based dynamic video and still photography using the latest technology to create outstanding imagery and with our professional video production we create videos that will promote a property or business uniquely and innovatively. Having a connection to agriculture and business gives us that extra knowledge to showcase to the next level, we can visualise what a buyer would be looking for.


The flow on effect of technology 

The internet and social media have changed the way people look for and view things.

Videos are immensely popular, consequently, the number of videos uploaded onto You Tube have doubled in the last year.

There are over 3 billion views of videos per day.

A small example, aerial images taken by Aerial Dimensions of Inverell in flood

reached over 130,000 people

in 48 hours! This is the way to

market and promote your

business and product.


Flying UAV’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles


Currently, James is the only commercially UAV qualified pilot operating in the northwest NSW with a total of 120 UAV piolets being listed with CASA in Australia.

 He has gained a Commercial Certification – Controllers Certificate and Operator’s Certificate. James is licenced and certified to fly day or night.


Aerial Dimensions Australia are PROFESSIONAL UAV operators.

James has been flight tested and has over 631 commercial logged flights.

He completes operations, flight and maintenance manuals as well as submitting flight plans. 

Along with this, James has a radio license,

and basic air Knowledge.

To obtain CASA certification, a CASA inspector has inspected James and he has completed a comprehensive flight test.


Insurance and Public Liability

We are completely insured! 

Special Qualifications

James Newmarch

We have a very strong background and interest in agriculture. James is a graduate of Marcus Oldham College and we managed a 5,000 acre mixed farming enterprise near Inverell for over 20 years. James is a private pilot and has always had a keen interest in flying, technology and photography.

James grew up around aeroplanes, his father being a pilot. In a natural progression, James also became a certified private pilot.


James has always been passionate about flying, model aeroplanes, technology and innovation. He has always enjoyed the latest gadgets etc

After realising the potential of UAVs on their property, James started researching into what was available and how it could be used. After viewing a TV documentary on Landline in Tasmania, James contacted Kyle and Will who work for the CSIRO to discuss what was happening in the industry and visited Tasmania to meet them. Kyle and Will have continued to be fabulous mentors.

Tessa Newmarch

Tess is artistic and creative as well as an avid interest in real estate, interior design and photography. Over the years Tess has become more involved and thoroughly enjoys working with clients to produce a video that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing.